A Murder In Time

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Top 10 Library Reads pick for April 2016

Goodreads Finalist for best books of 2016

Library Journal Starred Review

A Twist In Time

Top 10 Library Reads pick for April 2017



Praise for A Murder In Time

“The story is difficult to put down, and Kendra's character is well written. The romance―which both parties try to avoid―is believable. And Kendra's decision at the end is believable, as well. This is a great choice for a book club or for anyone who enjoys a mystery with many suspects and some heart-rending scenes.” (Examiner)

“This first novel is absolutely captivating and will appeal to readers of fiction, mystery, and romance. Expect to stay engaged until the final page. Author, a sequel, please!” (Library Journal (starred review))

“A vivid setting, interesting characters, sustained suspense, and even a hint of romance make this thriller hard to put down for long...A Murder in Time is a very enjoyable read that paints a vivid picture of how remarkably the world has changed over the past 200 years.” (Mystery Scene Magazine)

“There's nothing old-fashioned about Julie McElwain's daring debut Murder in Time. As FBI agent Kendra Donovan navigates crime scenes from two hundred years in the past, it's hard not to root for her ingenuity and bravado. Who needs DNA to catch a killer? McElwain offers a wickedly entertaining tale of two worlds, combining Jane Austen-worthy intrigue with Alias-style action. This smart book is sure to hook readers from any era.” (Erica Wright)

“The time-travel element is believable enough to keep us going, and the story is solidly constructed. Overall it’s an entertaining genre-bender with a clever gimmick. The ending pretty much cries out for a sequel, too.” (Booklist)

Julie McElwain writes like an angel, but it is a devil she chases through the halls of time in this edge-of-the-seat thriller. I was instantly engaged. This is a taut thriller written by a pro. Every page holds a new twist. Prepare for a sleepless night when you pick up this beauty.” (Carolyn Haines, author of Bone to be Wild)

“Pitting the skills of a twenty-first century FBI agent against the evil of a nineteenth century English murderer, this novel is a brilliantly imaginative and riveting read.” (S. D. Sykes, author of Plague Land)

“It’s amusing to watch Kendra pit her 21st-century knowledge, without the equipment, against the limited resources of the early 19th century. The parts in the past are interesting, full of tension and, even for this long book, a page-turner.” (Historical Novels Society)



 “If the Outlander series were written by Lisa Gardner, this would be the result. A tense page-turner with an excellent dose of feminism, social commentary, and badassery.” — CRIMINAL ELEMENT